Plug & Play

Plug & Play is the prime private industrial park, which was built to cater entrepreneurs and SMEs, especially start-up Ventures.
The location offers fast transportation to and from the port.
Qualified, low cost, labor is available to accommodate all businesses within the park.
Hotel facilities surrounding the area are able to accommodate all professional guests.
The idea of a symbiotic industrial neighborhood, which supports integration between all clients, is mutually beneficial for the community.

Plug & Play Features

Quality Assurance

  • Covering 250,000 sq. meters of land, with 280 small partitions; Plug & Play serves its clients by providing ready-made factories and storage facilities (all utilities included).
  • Plug & Play complies with international standards of industrial parks.

Flexibility In Design

Plug & Play units have the possibility to be enlarged and customized internally upon requests.

The Space We Provide

Plug & Play units are able to equip and withstand an overhead crane up to 5 tons, also the flooring can withstand a forklift carrying 1 ton.

Pricing Plans

Flexible and convenient pricing plans to serve all clients, whether they are large corporations, mid-size businesses or entrepreneurs.


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