Birth Certificate

Field of Business: Owning , developing and maintaining an industrial park in the Sokhna region at Northern Gulf of Suez, for land sale or rent to national & international investors.

  • Legal Form: Egyptian joint stock company established under law 8/97 with incentives of SCZone Law 83/2002 (Notification ID issued).
  • Tax Status: 10 years exemption effective from start of operation (Ended on Dec 2009).
  • Loan Status: None.
  • Authorized: 1 Billion Egyptian Pounds.
  • Issued: 100 Million Egyptian Pounds.
  • Paid: 100 Million Egyptian Pounds.
  • Operational Status: Operational since 1998.
Years in Business
Successfull Projects
Satisfied Clients
Million Square Meters

Declared Information

SIDC’s objective is to maintain quality infrastructure for their clients, optimize their client’s use of resources and to provide them a with profitable integrated business environment. Below are some facts  to declare transparency of all SIDC’s financial and legal activities:

  • SIDC’S Authorized Capital is 1 Billion EGP; Issued Capital is 100 Million EGP, paid in full
  • SIDC did not obtain any debt facilities (loans) since incorporation, in the belief of the need to guide its debt power (loan ability) to its customers. This has a good impact when attracting foreign banks.
  • SIDC was allocated a total area of 21,874,800 square meters in 1998 at the first Industrial Zone, North West Gulf of Suez in accordance with the Prime Ministerial Decree 1185/1998. SIDC signed an Allocation Contract with Suez Governorate reflecting a land price of 5 L.E. per square meter (paid in full) plus 10% (successively) of any land sale revenue (only) paid to Suez Governorate according to the payment schedule of each client.
Our long-term insights and
Pioneering instinct and developments
Lead us to distinction and diversity
And optimum resource utilization
To realize our investment goals
And corporate social responsibility.

To Develop inspiring integrated industrial parks

To Invest in our people, our know-how, and our reputation

To Operate sustainable projects for the next generations

Orascom construction (OC)
National Bank Of Egypt (NBE)
Treasure Creek Management
Commercial international investment co (CIIC)


SIDC Industrial Park consists of about 9 million square meters of industrial land located in The Suez Canal Economic Zone (SC Zone) at Sokhna, Egypt. SIDC industrial zone has a superior location; being 40 Kilometers South of Suez Canal, located at the crossing of the Cairo – Sokhna and Suez -Hurghada highways and across from the Sokhna port.
The SIDC Industrial Park is connected directly to two major cities; it is 45 km South of Suez City and 120 km east of the Capital Cairo. It is surrounded by Galala Mountain from the South and West and by the Gulf of Suez 9 Km to its East. This mountain and sea combination invited many residential and touristic resorts to Sokhna, near by the park. The prevailing wind direction and the mountain natural arrangements provide physical barrier between the industrial zone and the nearby residential and touristic resorts.
During the Egyptian revolution, SIDC was the only industrial zone working with 100% efficiency.