• The estimated population in Suez Governorate as of 2004 is 478,500. We believe that Suez population is much higher than that was declared in 2004. Al-Arbaeen District has the highest population density, accommodating approximately 47 % of the total population in the Governorate. The annual population growth rate for the Governorate has been stable at an average of some 2 % over the period from 2001 to 2003.
  • In 2003, the work force in the Governorate represented 30 % of the total population. Out of the 142,000 people in the workforce, almost 85 % are employed. The unemployment rate in the Governorate has been fluctuating from the period from 2001 to 2003, recording 10.2 % in 2001, 8.8 % in 2002, and 15.5% in 2003. The highest unemployment rate is found in Al-Arbaeen District, while the lowest rate is in Al-Ganayen district.
  • The GDP per capita for the Governorate of Suez recorded LE 9,157 in 2001 to 2002, Sokhna is enjoying the highest GDP per capita in Suez District, followed by Ataka District, Al-Ganayen District, and finally Al-Arbaeen District. This figure is considerably high as compared to the national average of LE 5,540 in the same year.
  • There are approximately 848,567,66 m2 of cultivated agricultural land in the Governorate of Suez, and the main agricultural crops grown are wheat, barely, and sesame. Almost 34 % of the labor force in Al-Ganayen District is engaged in agricultural activities, while this percentage falls to under some 5 % in each of the remaining districts.
  • Industry absorbs almost 40 % of the workforce in Al-Arbaeen and Ataka Districts and falls to 25 % in Suez and Al-Ganayen District. The largest industrial activity in the Governorate, as of 2003, was food and beverage production, followed by the production of mineral  products and machinery. The production of wooden products (including furniture) represents the largest activity for handicraft workers in the Governorate. In Suez district almost 72 % of the labor force is engaged in the services sector (mainly in oil-related services as well as marine and cargo services), while this percentage falls to 40 to 50 % in the remaining districts.
  • Adult literacy rate (over 15 years old) in the Governorate of Suez is recorded to be high with 80 % in 2001, as compared to the national average of 66 %. The highest literacy rate is found in Suez District, followed by Ataka District, Al-Arbaeen District, and finally Al-Ganayen District. There are four (4) university faculties and 2 educational institutions  for graduate studies in the Governorate of Suez, in which 14,400 students were enrolled in 2003.