Suez (el-Suweis) is located on the Southern tip of the Suez Canal, and has been a commercial port since the 7th century. The spice trade and pilgrimages to Mecca made it prosperous throughout the Middle Ages. It became a naval base in the 15th century and, in 1869, the opening of the Suez Canal ensured its development as a modern city.

Today, Suez is one of Egypt's largest ports. It is situated near the scenic Ataka Hills (Jebel Ataka), about 134 kilometers (83 miles) from Cairo and 88 kilometers (55 miles) from Ismailia, this city affords an excellent view of Sinai and the Red Sea. It is also interesting to watch ships passing through the Canal form Suez's vantage point.

Governorate of Suez

The Governorate of Suez is one of the Canal Region's urban governorates. The Governorate is located in the east Delta, northwest of the Gulf of Suez, and is surrounded by the Governorate of Ismailia and the Governorate of North Sinai to the north, the Governorate of Red Sea to the south, the Governorate of South Sinai to the East, and the Governorate of Cairo and the Governorate of Giza to the west.

The total area of the Governorate is approximately 9,002 km2, which is divided into four administrative districts, namely; Suez District, Al-Arbaeen District, Ataka District, and Al-Ganayen District. Ataka District accommodates an industrial zone of the Governorate, while Al-Ganayen District lays mainly agricultural lands. Suez District centralizes most government bureaus and agencies, and encompasses Port Tawfik and the free zones.