SIDC Industrial Park consists of about 9 million square meters of industrial land located in The Suez Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) at Sokhna, Suez Governorate, North West Gulf of Suez, Egypt. SIDC industrial zone has a superior location 40 Kilometers South of Suez Canal and is exactly located at the crossing of Cairo - Sokhna and Suez -Hurghada highways.

SIDC Industrial Park is located within the SSEZ. SSEZ is composed of several industrial parks, opposite to the Sokhna port.

The SIDC Industrial Park is connected directly to two major cities; it is 45 km South of Suez City and 120 km east of the Capital Cairo. It is surrounded by Galala Mountain from the South and West and by the Gulf of Suez 9 Km to its East. This mountain and sea combination invited many residential and touristic resorts to Sokhna, near by the park. The prevailing wind direction and the mountain natural arrangements provide physical barrier between the industrial zone and the nearby residential and touristic resorts.

During the Egyptian revolution, SIDC was the only industrial zone working with 100% efficiency.